Excerpt from Chapter: “The Investigation”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Investigation”:

The paranormal team finally showed up, knocking on the
front door. When I answered I saw Marsha. With whom
I had spoken on the phone. She was the lead investigator of the
team and a medium, meaning that she could talk to or see spirits.
The woman had big, curly, gray hair. She was very skinny,
and had wore glasses. She was an oddity, and a real surprise
behind that door. When her crew walked in, I greeted them with
welcoming hellos.

Marsha looked at the stairs and then at the hallway. She

“Oh my!”

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Next Few Months”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Next Few Months”:

Soon, it was November, the weather was getting colder and
colder each day. The house was quiet, and even with kids
there it was peaceful. The activity in the house had calmed
down for a while, so I stopped worrying about it. When I
stopped being so paranoid, so did my family. I thought it was
best not to think about it. Mark and I were not talking as much
as we used too. He works so much, he acts like I don’t exist. He
comes home happy, the look he had on his face was the way he
looked when we first met. Sadly I knew it was not because of
me. Something was different and I knew it. Then again with
work and all these stores I have told him, I think he thought I
was crazy.

Excerpt from Chapter: “Zack’s Confrontation”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “Zack’s Confrontation”:

We decided, to go for breakfast on Saturday morning
to celebrate our “new start” As every morning, I got
the children up and out the door we went. When we were all in
the car, Mark and I noticed Zack was acting strange. I was very
curious in what was going on, but I hesitated to ask. We finally
got to the restaurant it was a little diner, and it did not look like
much on the outside. My family and I walked up to the
entrance. Mark opened the door. Zack and Adrian went in first.
Sophie pulled me along as she yanked my hand. Then Mark followed
on my other hand. This place was beautiful! The waitresses
dressed in diner clothes rushing around getting people
their food. The hostess asked us to follow her.

Excerpt from Chapter: “The First Occurance”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “The First Occurance”:

When they all had left to start their day, I finally had
time to myself. It seemed too quiet, but it was so
peaceful! I decided to sit and relax just a little bit before I had
to start cleaning up the dust and dirt left behind. When I did
finally get up off my behind, I started in my favorite room, the
kitchen. I swept the floor, washed the dishes, and cleaned the
counters. All of a sudden, in just a split second, I found myself
hearing noises. It was not just any noise, but growling. A growling
noise that was speaking something, but was not. I stood
there with the towel in my hand mumbling,

“What the hell, um, okay?”

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Move In”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Move In”:

My family just wanted a new start, after what happened.
All we wanted to do was to get out of the
city, away from all the hate. If my son had not left the apartment,
only if I were awake to catch him, to keep him out of
trouble, maybe he would not have been in trouble. This is what
started it all.