About the Author

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

About the Author:

When I really think about my life and how it has shaped me as a person, I really do not know
where to start. My name is Gabrielle Landaeta, I am only eighteen years old, I am still a student
at Bermudian Springs High School located in a little town called York Springs, in the state of
Pennsylvania. I remember the first time a teacher put a pencil in my hand and said, “write.” I
knew from there that I was going to be a writer. The first story I ever wrote was about pirates,
that sailed the seas in search of Gold, I remember I received an A+ on that test. Every time a
teacher says, “Okay class! We are writing essays!” Everyone always moaned and groaned but
not me! I always thought this is one more essay closer to my career. My parents, grandparents,
aunts and uncle’s supported me all the way through this book. I also have to mention my
speech and drama teacher, who every class asked me, “how’s your book.” I do say, I have
to thank her for that. That is honestly all I have about my life so far as my journey continues.

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