About the Author

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

About the Author:

When I really think about my life and how it has shaped me as a person, I really do not know
where to start. My name is Gabrielle Landaeta, I am only eighteen years old, I am still a student
at Bermudian Springs High School located in a little town called York Springs, in the state of
Pennsylvania. I remember the first time a teacher put a pencil in my hand and said, “write.” I
knew from there that I was going to be a writer. The first story I ever wrote was about pirates,
that sailed the seas in search of Gold, I remember I received an A+ on that test. Every time a
teacher says, “Okay class! We are writing essays!” Everyone always moaned and groaned but
not me! I always thought this is one more essay closer to my career. My parents, grandparents,
aunts and uncle’s supported me all the way through this book. I also have to mention my
speech and drama teacher, who every class asked me, “how’s your book.” I do say, I have
to thank her for that. That is honestly all I have about my life so far as my journey continues.

Excerpt from Chapter: “She’s Back”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “She’s Back”:

I awoke and noticed in myself a certain type of thinking, a
familiar feeling. This—this was all her. She’s back. All the
memories, all the crazy things I thought of. Everything that had
happened. I knew that feeling. That feeling of death, blood,
and torture.

The doctors’ came in the room, as I, no, she lie there calmly,
not letting anyone know she is completely sane, inside me, controlling
me in a secret way. “How are you today, Sally?” The
doctors asked.