Excerpt from Chapter: “My thoughts, No, Her thoughts”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “My thoughts, No, Her thoughts”:

After awhile I could not control her, the beast-woman in
my head. Every single day I would wish that Martha
would come—come help me and my family in some way. She
eventually stopped calling. The last message she left, let out a
warning, no human being would want to hear.

“My dear Sally,” She said with a sigh, “I have spoken to this
machine for over two months now. This WILL be my LAST message,
to you and your family. There will be something lurking in
the depths of your souls. I cannot help you now. It is way too
late. There is absolutely no way of stopping this wretched beast.
And I know, you know, it’s inside, you. I really wish I could
help, but you brought this upon yourself. Good luck, my dear.”

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