Excerpt from Chapter: “The Insane Asylum”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Insane Asylum”:

“Now, Sally, when are you going to admit that all this
never happened?” The doctors asked me.

“Never, because I know it happened. I know it will happen,”
I replied the nicest way I could.

“Now Sally…“ I interrupted.

“Now you listen here you white-coated money maker, I am
right about everything I say! Are you in my mind? Do you know
who she is?”

Excerpt from Chapter: “Insanity”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “Insanity”:

My therapist’s name was Doctor Ng. He greeted me
with a lovely smile with nice, strait pearly white

“How are you today Sally?”

“I really need your help.”

“Well, you came to the right place. Sit down please.”

There was a little black leather chair sitting in his office
across from the bay window. The office was big, the ceiling
was raised high above our heads, with a lovely painting of
angels and a bright blue sky. I felt comfort, and for once I
actually felt relaxed. On his desk lay a name plate that said
Dr. Ng, it was black with a gold rim and his name was gold

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Awakening”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Awakening”:

I felt myself drop to the floor, my heart still beating slightly,
her arms all around me. All of a sudden I felt air fill my

“No, No, No!!!” I thought in panic.

“Please, God! No!”

I opened my eyes and took a gasp of air. Martha was there,
telling me to wake up. Coughing, and coughing! She slowly
brought me to my weak knees, then to my feet, still helping me
stand. I started gaining stability. Martha asked me,

“What did you do…!?”

Excerpt from Chapter: “The End Of My Days”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “The End Of My Days”:

I could not stand these thoughts any more. No more! I
begged her and begged her, but she did not stop! The only
way I could stop it would be to end my own life. That would be
the only way I could prevent myself from killing my own daughter.

So I took it upon myself to wait until everyone was gone. I
did not say goodbye, I would not hear my children’s voices
again, but for the very last time. I lay there in my silk sheets, staring
at the wall to my right. I quietly whimpered. Tears ran down
my soft, red cheeks and landed on my silky pillow, creating a
puddle of sadness.

Excerpt from Chapter: “My thoughts, No, Her thoughts”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “My thoughts, No, Her thoughts”:

After awhile I could not control her, the beast-woman in
my head. Every single day I would wish that Martha
would come—come help me and my family in some way. She
eventually stopped calling. The last message she left, let out a
warning, no human being would want to hear.

“My dear Sally,” She said with a sigh, “I have spoken to this
machine for over two months now. This WILL be my LAST message,
to you and your family. There will be something lurking in
the depths of your souls. I cannot help you now. It is way too
late. There is absolutely no way of stopping this wretched beast.
And I know, you know, it’s inside, you. I really wish I could
help, but you brought this upon yourself. Good luck, my dear.”

Excerpt from Chapter: “Is it me? Or them?”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “Is it me? Or them?”:

Mark eventually became less sweet, and went back to
his old work-a-holic habits or that is what I
thought at least. We would fight and fight. The kids fought
and fought. Day by day Sophie got older, and had a bigger
attitude. Which pulled us apart. Then I decided I could not
fight anymore. I began loosing myself in a deep depression.
I would go days with no sleep, I would just stare at the wall on
the left side of my bed. Mark hated me. I grew so tired of faking
happiness. My family was tired of faking happiness. All I
ever thought was,

“Is it me? Or is it them?”

Excerpt from Chapter: “Who Will Die?”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “Who Will Die?”:

I ignored the phone call. I did not want to hear about that
ghost anymore. I just wanted my family back, my life back,
and my marriage back. The ghost had consumed my youngest
daughter and I let it happen. I could not protect her. I walked up
to my room, not checking on any of my children, opened the blankets,
lay down, covered up, and let myself slowly fall asleep.

Excerpt from Chapter: “Where’s Sophie?”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “Where’s Sophie?”:

Marsha’s advice helped. I threw away the oujia board.
I put crosses everywhere thinking that maybe this
would help as well. I sent the children to school with crosses
too, Mark refused to take one to work. He did not want anything
to do with any of it, or with the ghost in general. I am surprised
he let me do even this. Mark, who had seen the ghost
before… In denial I guess. He told me,

“You are obsessed with this thing! I swear, hunny, there is
nothing wrong with this house!”

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Investigation”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Investigation”:

The paranormal team finally showed up, knocking on the
front door. When I answered I saw Marsha. With whom
I had spoken on the phone. She was the lead investigator of the
team and a medium, meaning that she could talk to or see spirits.
The woman had big, curly, gray hair. She was very skinny,
and had wore glasses. She was an oddity, and a real surprise
behind that door. When her crew walked in, I greeted them with
welcoming hellos.

Marsha looked at the stairs and then at the hallway. She

“Oh my!”

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Next Few Months”

The House by Gabrielle L. Landaeta

Excerpt from Chapter: “The Next Few Months”:

Soon, it was November, the weather was getting colder and
colder each day. The house was quiet, and even with kids
there it was peaceful. The activity in the house had calmed
down for a while, so I stopped worrying about it. When I
stopped being so paranoid, so did my family. I thought it was
best not to think about it. Mark and I were not talking as much
as we used too. He works so much, he acts like I don’t exist. He
comes home happy, the look he had on his face was the way he
looked when we first met. Sadly I knew it was not because of
me. Something was different and I knew it. Then again with
work and all these stores I have told him, I think he thought I
was crazy.