The House

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ISBN: 9781457536298
64 pages

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Sally’s lovely family is now at ruins, all she wished for her family, was to be in a better environment. To see the world without hearing gun shots and screams.


About Gabrielle L. Landaeta

When I really think about my life and how it has shaped me as a person, I really do not know where to start. My name is Gabrielle Landaeta, I am only eighteen years old, I am still a student at Bermudian Springs High School located in a little town called York Springs, in the state of Pennsylvania. I remember the first time a teacher put a pencil in my hand and said, “write.” I knew from there that I was going to be a writer. The first story I ever wrote was about pirates, that sailed the seas in search of Gold, I remember I received an A+ on that test.



My family just wanted a new start, after what happened. All we wanted to do was to get out of the city, away from all the hate. If my son had not left the apartment, only if I were awake to catch him, to keep him out of trouble, maybe he would not have been in trouble. This is what started it all.


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